How WWT's AI for Good is Fueling Climate Innovation at COP28 

World Wide Technology (WWT) launches an AI for Good initiative at COP28 in Dubai, aiming to support one million climate tech entrepreneurs in driving technological innovation for sustainability. Successful applicants will be incubated in WWT's Advanced Technology Center. Omar Mir, WWT's President, highlights the global decline in climate tech investment but notes a 628% YoY growth in the UAE since 2018, with $6 billion invested in regional climate tech over the last decade. The initiative collaborates with partners like Pearson and Open Innovation to offer an online education program. Accenture's report raises concerns about achieving Net Zero goals, emphasizing the potential of AI but urging support for climate solution startups to meet COP28 targets. Despite challenges, WWT's initiative symbolizes hope in addressing urgent environmental issues for a sustainable future.

AI Revolution: Transforming Banking in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of the banking sector in 2024, the integration of Artificial Intelligence emerges as a pivotal trend. AI is reshaping traditional banking models, particularly through the implementation of robo-advisory services. These AI-driven systems provide impartial and unbiased financial advice, operate with lower fees, and offer round-the-clock service—attributes often challenging for human counterparts to replicate. The adoption of AI in decision management tools for instant credit processes signifies a shift towards efficient, data-driven lending decisions. Combining AI with open data and advanced analytics enables banks to curate tailored experiences, ensuring a personalized and seamless service for customers. The increased reliance on AI signifies a strategic move by banks to enhance operational efficiency, deliver personalized financial solutions, and stay ahead in an era of rapid technological evolution.

In UAE, 74% of Workers Identify AI as Workforce Game-Changer

In a recent Kearney survey, a striking 74% of UAE employees expressed a positive outlook on artificial intelligence (AI) as the primary driver for the future workforce. This overwhelming sentiment indicates a widespread belief in AI's potential to enhance job roles and streamline workplace operations. The study unveils key insights into employee expectations, highlighting both the anticipated benefits, such as increased productivity, and potential challenges. As the UAE embraces technological advancements, these findings offer valuable guidance for businesses and policymakers in navigating a future where AI plays a central role in the workplace.

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January 7, 2024
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WWT introduces AI for Good at COP28, backing climate tech entrepreneurs. In banking, AI transforms models with robo-advisory services. Kearney survey: 74% of UAE workers see AI as a positive force for the future workforce.

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