ONPRO's platform drives Business Process Automation (BPA) into each and every stage of your workflow.

What is BPA?

Have you ever started a task and thought, why do i have to keep doing these same steps manually?

Well, that's what BPA does for you, it automates the logical steps of your daily work connecting other data and processes along the way, using software and AI to move your workflow along efficiently, and in a manner that complies with your organization's policies.

5 Key Benefits

We think about the benefits of automation in relation to the business goals that they are intended to achieve, which can be categorized into 5 key beneficial outcomes:

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Workflow Efficiency
  3. Cost Reduction
  4. Consistency
  5. Satisfaction
Digital Transformation

At a high-level, all organizations are realizing that they need to transform their model to be available in a modern way.

RPA is a key component of any transformation of the core business processes that require change to achieve that.

Workflow Efficiency

With connected data systems, clearly defined processes, automation of those processes can be defined by using software to trigger and action repetitive tasks, allowing us to save valuable time and utilize our expertise on other work.

Cost Reduction

Automation reduces the risk of delays and errors, resulting in cost-savings, typically in the range of 20% - 30%.


Good planning results in good business process and the key is to clearly define the steps and policies that the software automation tools should follow to create a consistent and compliant outcome.


Transformation results in change in any organization and the outcome of a successful change should be measured by the new experiences of all stakeholders.

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